What about Seniors: Anti Smoking Campaigns

Recently I have been scowering the web for any anti-smoking campaigns targeting seniors. So far I have come up with nothing, and it has been an unsuccessful attempt. So if you do know of any please share them.

But this lack of seniors-focused campaigns got me thinking. Why is it that campaign groups have given up on targeting the older population? Often these groups believe that if an adult has made it to a relatively late stage in their life already then they must be doing something right and most likely a more difficult population to change any health behaviors. However, statistics show that smoking significantly “increases postoperative complications such as myocardial ischemia and infection… Even temporary abstinence from smoking may reduce the risk of these complications and improve surgical outcomes” (Warner, 2005). Any quick glance at Health Canada’s stats will show that majority of patients using our healthcare system are those over 65 years. If quitting smoking prior to surgery can greatly improve their post-op outcomes shouldn’t we be targeting this group to give them the best chance possible?   

So far I am still unsuccessful in trying to find a smoking cessation campaign targeting seniors, in the meantime I have come across a few excellent videos that I thought I would share below.

Warner, David. (2005, January). Helping surgical patients quit smoking: Why, when, and how. International Anesthesia Research Society. Retrieved from http://www.anesth.umontreal.ca/3_etudes/documents/Arrettabagisme.pdf  

abruabcher, 2013



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3 responses to “What about Seniors: Anti Smoking Campaigns”

  1. zarc42 says :

    Hey Alicia – this exact same subject got me thinking about 6 months ago, and I’m currently working on designing a Quit Smoking Campaign targeting seniors in New Westminster. One really successful campaign targeting seniors was the ‘Clear Horizons’ campaign in the US in the late 1990’s. Let me know if you’d like me to send you an email about the program I’m developing. – Sarah T

    • Alicia Brubacher says :

      Hey Sarah, I’d love to hear what you’re doing in regards to Seniors and Smoking. It’s a huge topic that is often glazed over by health promotion campaigns. Shoot me an email!

  2. Davis Richardson says :

    Hey Alicia great article! I was a smoker for most of my life and quit at the age of 49. I soon found out when your talking about seniors health, the best defence is prevention. I began a regular exercise routine at the ripe age of 54 and haven’t looked back… If anyone is interested in finding out more about my journey you can take a look at my youtube video, http://youtu.be/EPgpt8vkiUI

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