Balance diet and exercise for healthy lifestyle and longivity

 “Prevention  is the better than care” is the most appropriate theory that  we can apply in our eating practice. But, many people are not taking it seriously, consequently they are facing many health related problem. Smoking is dangerous for our health we all know about it but we cant give up it.

Worldwide  about 2.7 million deaths are caused by poor diets, specially low in fruits and vegetables about 19 percent gets gastrointestinal cancer, about 31 percent gets coronary heart disease, and 11 percent gets of stroke.  Similarly,  about 1.9 million deaths are because of  physical inactivity.  More than 60 percent of  the global population doesn’t get the minimum recommendation of 30 minutes of physical activity daily. Consequently people are facing many disease such as coronary heart disease, obesity, certain cancers, and nutritional is also estimated that more than 2.6 million people each year die as a result of being overweight or obese in the world (WHO,

Specially in the developed  countries majority of people are facing the obesity problem because of unbalance and over diet. WHO (2008) categories the people’s weight based on body mass index (BMI). People who have weight greater than or equal to 25 is consider as  overweight and who have more or equal to 30 is considered as obesity.   In 2008, WHO estimated that there are more than 1.4 billion adults (35% of adult population), were overweight. Among them more than 200 million men and about 300 million women were obese. Another important fact is that people are dying of overweight and obesity more than underweight. Similarly, overweight and obesity bring 44 percent of the diabetes, and 23 percent of heart disease.

What are the obstacles of having healthy diet and exercise?

  • Inadequate nutritional knowledge: people don’t know about the healthy foods, as well as, they don’t have proper skill to cook and prepare meals to make healthy and enjoying eating. Most of people also don’t know about the important of exercise and even they don’t know how to do proper exercise.
  • Poor economic status and expensive healthy foods: Many of the people in the world are still living with extreme poverty. In this situation healthy diet and exercise may not in priority.
  • Use various medications don’t allow them to eat various kind of foods.
  • Social traditions encourage eating unhealthy food especially during the social/cultural celebrations. For example, in the name of celebrating Christmas, people normally drink too much alcohol and other unhealthy foods.

How to overcome from these problems?

Carbohydrates fats, proteins, and vitamins are the primary source of body’s energy, so it is required for people of any age group. As well as it is required to maintain healthy and proper function of organs, bones, muscles, and nerves, which can possible from healthy  and a balance diet. It is necessary to include at least some wholegrain, whole meal, brown or high fiber varieties of starchy foods bread, baked potatoes, brown rice or whole wheat pasta in your daily foods which produce energy for body.

  • Control energy intake from total fats, calories and sugars
  • Give priority on the  consumption of fruit and vegetables, and whole grains and nuts
  • Engage in regular physical activity at least 30 minutes per day.
  • Limit the eating of red meat and processed foods.
  •  In order to prevent dehydration needs to drink 6-8 cups of non alcoholic fluids per day.
  • Take tee and coffee less then juice, and milk.


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