Social media is a powerful channel to communicate with others worldwide. It facilitates the social communications and promotes the relationships among the people. It provides great opportunities to express opinions and share interest, experiences and ideas. Moreover, it becomes one of the easiest ways to look for others and get together in a wide social network. Although I am not using social media as my peers do, and I am not interested in facebook and twitter, social media helps me to find quick solutions for different problems at my work and my social life. For example, when I was working in King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I was assigned to collect information about the old graduates who left the university without leaving any contact information. It was a very difficult and challenging task because I had to collect the required information about the graduates’ current jobs and educational level within a short period of time. One of my colleagues suggested getting the advantage of social media since most of the graduates are very active on facebook and twitter. We asked the few graduates who we know to contact the other graduates who we do not know via facebook and twitter and ask them to contact our department at King Saud University. It was a great idea because few days later most of the graduates contacted the department! Social media does not help me at my work only, but also it helps me to find many of my friends who I lost their contact numbers. I met with them again on facebook. In addition, social media opens the way to communicate immediately with many of the Saudi social figures such as religious men, reputable doctors and others via twitter for questions and consultations. One of the most interesting benefits of social media in Saudi Arabia is that the females consider the social media as a credible and accurate data source to gather information about the men who want to marry them. It is well known that most of the marriages in Saudi Arabia are arranged and the chance to know your partner before the engagement is limited, so the girls type the names of the guys in twitter and may follow them just to get an idea about how the men are thinking and to draw a preliminary perception about their personalities! The girls believe that what the men post on twitter and who they are following give impressions about their mentalities! And last but not least, social media plays a key role in the health care system. Nowadays social media and healthcare are connecting to each other. Health care consumers worldwide use different social media sources to educate themselves and share their ideas about health and health care services with their peers and their health care providers. They can also give their opinions, report complains about the health services online since most of the health care settings have websites and accounts in facebook and twitter. The attached video contains interesting information about the social revolution 2013.


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