How to engage community members in outcome evaluation (3).pptx – edited

Hi friends,

Thank you very much for being audience and asking questions during my presentation!

My topic of presentation is how to engage community member  in outcome evaluation. This is the them of presentation and for more detail please go through the link.…e-evaluation-2/

There are two terms are integrated in this topic. They are Community engagement and outcome evaluation. Community engagement indicates to the way of connecting governments, citizens, communities and peoples in context of social policy, program and social activities. Outcome evaluation is the systematic examination of the change in community over the time. So, the purpose of engagement of community member in outcome evaluation is to empower people who are at the bottom of social hierarchy by ensuring collaboration, cooperation. It also encourages people to share their information, leadership and responsibility.  Through the engagement of community member in outcome evaluation, there is more possibility of develop mutual trust, respect and understand to each other. When they involve in own outcome evaluation, they also will encourage to positive change and achieve the quality of life.


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