Dotmocracy: Have you reached a consensus yet?

Created by Jason Diceman in 2004, Dotmocracy is a decision-making tool used among large groups to reach a consensus on a given answer to a question, or a topic. “Dotmocracy sheets” are used to write ideas on by participants. These ideas are then rated on a five-point likert scale (strong agreement to strong disagreement) by potentially all participants in the room via dotting. There is even a space for those “confused” participants to indicate so with a dot. As the process unfolds, it becomes visually apparent, by the distribution of dots, which ideas have strong support, which ones do not, and which ones have mixed support. This process provides decision-makers with systematic input from participants regarding ideas they agree on for further action to be taken. A more in-depth look at Dotmocracy (including the steps, official rules, and useful resources) is provided in the link below to a powerpoint presentation called “Dotmocracy Presentation”. Remember, if you are having trouble reaching a consensus among a group of people, Dotmocracy is your solution!

Link: Dotmocracy Presentation

Presented By: Milad Parpouchi

References used for above intro:

Diceman, J. (2010 March). Dotmocracy handbook: A simple tool to help large groups find agreement (version 2.2). Retrieved from  files/dotmocracy_handbook_2-02_lowrez.pdf

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