How to: Measure and Assess Impacts on Mental Well-being

Mental health and mental well-being are more than a lack of mental illness. Our mental well-being is impacted by a range of factors ranging from individual level psychology to wider societal determinants. In their Mental Well-being Impact Assessment (MWIA) Toolkit (2011), the National MWIA Collaborative outline an evidence-based model of metal well-being (as seen in the figure below).

MWIA’s Dynamic Model of Mental Well-being

(Figure 2.2, MWIA Collaborative, 2011,  p 16)   �

Using this model, the MWIA toolkit walks individuals and community stakeholders  through a screening and assessment process examining a proposal’s impacts on mental well-being.  It then allows stakeholders to develop monitoring indicators and make evidence-based recommendations aimed at maximizing the proposal’s positive impacts on mental well-being while minimizing its negative impacts.

For more information about Mental Well-being Impact Assessments see a pdf version of  my recent MWIA presentation or download the full MWIA toolkit from here.

-Chelsea H.


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