Mental Health in All Policies-Thinking Broadly & Planning for Tomorrow

If I asked you to define the word ‘health’ , what would you say? Did your definition include any reference to mental health? Unfortunately, many discussions of health do not include mental health. I recently gave what was hopefully a persuasive presentation outlining why mental health should be considered in ALL policies. Mental health pervades many aspects of our lives, and a mental health in all policies approach challenges us to break down traditional ways of thinking and to think ‘outside the box’.

I am attaching my presentation slides here for your consideration. Within this presentation I tried to outline the scope and impact of mental illness, to argue that we need to shift towards preventative approaches to health care, and I presented two examples of a mental health in all policies approach.

The first example is taken from the UK. Their approach is an exciting example, and I briefly outline what they are doing. Links to the HM government’s mental health in all policies approach can be found in the ‘references & resources’ section of the presentation. The second example is meant to be illustrative of how pervasive mental illness can be. I argue that mental health should be included in discussions about green energy, namely the usage of wind turbines. Skeptical? Well, I would encourage you to take a look and decide for yourself!

Click the link below to view this presentation (pdf format):

Mental Health in All Policies Presentation 



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