How to Get Started as an Independent Journalist

Understanding and developing your journalistic writing skills is extremely useful for ANY advocating and communicating you will be doing in the future.


Find a topic you have a lot to say about, pitch the story, write it down and publish it. There are many independent media outlets that will publish your piece.


1. Planning a story

2. Doing your research

3. Making contact or finding a voice(s)

4. Conducting the interview

5. Writing the story

6. Covering your tracks to avoid legal ramifications.


I highly recommend taking a look at the fantastic media cooperative that incorporates local advocacy and activism, the Vancouver Media Coop. A great resource filled with the complete steps, tips and journalism guidelines is Paley & Ling’s ‘So you want to Write for the Media Coop?’. Also, check out my powerpoint presentation- 825 How to, Independent journalist

Karen Spring


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