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Hello Class,

Thank-you for being such an excellent audience and being active participants in my “How to conduct Ice Breakers” presentation. Click on this link to retrieve the powere point: ICE BREAKERS Power Point.

Included are the slides I used for my presentation complete with some excellent resource links to dozens of ice breaker ideas for a wide variety of circumstances and audiences.  You will also find some You Tube videos that I think are worth taking a look at.  Please feel free to use my powerpoint or any of the content in the future.  I made this as a resource for you.

If you  walk away with  only three points from my presentation they would be:

1. Keep it simple: Ice breakers don’t need to be genius or complex. You will be surprised with how much a seemingly trivial activity makes a huge difference. Don’t spend time and energy coming up with your own activity when there are loads out there for you to freely use.  Use the resources I’ve included in the presentation.

2. Be prepared: Run through the activity in advance and plan for the context (See my “Ice Breakers 101: Preparation Slide”). Have a Plan B for unexpected circumstance (e.g. too much furniture in the room, or too many or too few people, time is short).

3. Enjoy the activity yourself.  Actively participate and deliver the activity believing it IS awesome (no matter how silly) .  If you think and do this, others will join you.

And remember, even if you have little to no experience public speaking, YOU CAN lead a successful ice breaker.

All the Best,

Suzanne Vander Wekken

P.S. If you would like to contact me personally about the presentation my email is


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One response to “ICE BREAKERS 101”

  1. zarc42 says :

    Nice blog post Suzanne! Good use of colour to emphasize key points. I also like that it’s so short and to the point. – Sarah T

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